Providers and partners will gain direct, applicable knowledge of each of these panels and reports:

  1. Foundations in NutriGenomics (Methylation Panel)
  2. Immune | AutoImmune | Inflammatory
  3. Neurological | Psych
  4. Developmental
  5. Women's Health
  6. Comprehensive (Pro 7)
  7. Diet & Weight-Loss (NutriGen)
  8. Alopecia / Hair-Loss (TrichoTest)
  9. TeloTest (Biological (DNA Aging)

Please note that the all-in-one provider test trial kit option, if purchased, will include only one (1) swab and requisition form to try on themselves, and is intended for the licensed provider's use for their own practice and educational purposes only. If the practicing provider would like more kits intended to sell to patients, please login to the Provider Portal to order, or contact us to request a Provider Account.

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