Introducing NutriGen™: An innovative Diet, Wellness, and Weight-Loss Planning Test

Learn more about the overall benefits of genomic testing, what is analyzed, and how to better interpret the results of the reports by enrolling for our exclusive NutriGen™ Online Training Course. Includes purchase option for one provider NutriGen™ kit for educational use only, in order to take the test and gain the perspective of how patients can benefit; all while gaining a deeper understanding of how GX Sciences supports your development of personalized treatment options. You also gain exclusive access to GX Sciences' Corporate Educator for scheduling dedicated calls to answer any questions you may have.

By the end of the course, providers will gain direct, applicable knowledge of:

  • The basics about genetics
  • Genotyping technology
  • What is Nutrigenomics?
  • NutriGen™: Professional nutrigenomic advice
  • NutriGen™ instructions

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