It's now even easier to become a Pro 7 "Pro" with the launch of the Pro 7 Teachable Training Course. Intended for providers and partners that would like to gain a deeper understanding of our Pro 7 panel; the course includes one complimentary test kit to try on themselves for personalized learning.

By the end of the course, providers will gain direct, applicable knowledge of how to:

  • Identify key concepts for restoring health.
  • Understand the impact of methylation supply in the body.
  • Understand the basics of immune activation and regulatory genes, and how this informs targeted upstream interventions.
  • Understand the basics of neurotransmitter pathways and identify how this informs targeted interventions.
  • Understand detoxification pathway and the impact on health.
  • Understanding important health precautions and necessary interventions.
  • Quickly and effectively interpret Pro 7 reports.

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